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Name:Pelham Place OOC Community
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Faeries, Witches, and Walkers, OH MY!

At Pelham Place, you’ll find Nymphs, Druids, Dreamwalkers, Giants, Skinwalkers, and all manner of magical beings who are throwbacks to the Old Races. What you won’t find are simple humans, as these teenagers and young adults learn to control their abilities and complete a normal education at the same time.

In 1975, a secret government agency began a project to return the Old Races to the world, by seeding water in remote locations around the US. New seed sources were laid over the years, until now, when 1 in every 1,000 children born is one of the Old Races.

Thirty years later, the question is still WHY?

What does the government expect of these children? How does that impact getting a date to the prom? How is it possible to be normal when you’re 8 feet tall, or when you’re more comfortable as a cat than a human? Come to Pelham Place and find out.
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